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Reshma is a Mentor

Do you feel settled since you have arrived at Emory?

I have studied in various countries and schools. I went to a boarding school in Andhra Pradesh when I was 13 years old and that gave me a perspective on different cultures and languages from an early age. I learned how to adapt to a new environment and thrive in it. In the beginning, I felt lost since I was the only one from the US in that school with a language and cultural barrier. I learned to be resilient and strong.
I have gone to every University where my dad has either been a student or a professor. So I learned to perform in my own way even though I initially felt that I was a bit under his shadow. Before I joined everyone knew him and there were certain expectations from me and people often treated me differently than they would any other new hire. But I thrived everywhere.
At Emory, as I ran Goizueta Marketing Strategy Consultancy (GMSC) , I was on top of the world. Since it was a practical program, I enjoyed creating and managing innovative projects and became the liaison between the student and Corporate sector. We worked with student teams on interesting projects like Royal cup coffee- sustainability program, The Coca Cola company and their partnership with Disney and many many more.  Beats By Dr Dre was one of my favorite projects. 
How did you choose the topics for your books?
How to Make Money with Social Media
It covers some unwritten rules of marketing. The publisher requested us to write about Social Media. I wrote from an academic point of view and my partner gave the practitioner side of the topic.
Breakout Strategies for Emerging Markets talks about learning and implementing strategies from different countries and their cultures.
Next book: One to One marketing is Conceptual vs Technological. I am honing in on microtargeting. It's the understanding of how people think and how they behave and their perspectives around different brands. 
Everything you wanted to know about marketing but couldn’t find in the textbooks” with my father. I am laying out questions and he's helping with the answers. Some of the questions tackled here are 
How does marketing dovetail with Strategy?
How is business marketing different than consumer marketing?
How has segmentation and positioning changed over time?

Her Favorites

Favorite authors



Favorite authors

I read papers daily. Wall Street Journal and New York Times are still my favorite papers to get a perspective on the world. News has changed so much. I read more nonfiction than fiction, some favorite authors are Seth Goden and Malcom Gladwell. Their work is read more because they provide research based little snippets on new discoveries in social science and marketing
Fav fiction
The Thorn Birds and The Bridges of Madison County from earlier reads. I have also watched the movies. 
Fav movie
The Help and Knives Out are my recent favorites.

Her Motto

Be Genuine, honest and keep innovating

3 pet peeves.

When people make a commitment but not see it through
When people try to be disciplined but fall off the wagon
Be genuine. Be honest about your feelings, actions and thoughts. I don’t like it when people are not.
What do you do just to relax?
I love sports and being active, I used to play tennis and ski.
I also love to travel and enjoy pottery. I have taken lessons at the local Pottery school.
Your personal Motto?
Never lose your sense of Wonder. I sign my emails with that. I want people to keep thinking of innovative ideas and figure out their sense of direction. Be curious always. Keep innovating and thinking about new ways to do things.

Reshma's Family & Supportive 

Supportive Family


What do you feel grateful about?
My supportive family is what I am extremely grateful for. I am close to my brother and my parents. Also, I have had great friends, everywhere I have gone, I have built a supportive friends circle.
Who do you admire the most? Outside your family, who would like to interview?
Oprah. I want to go back to journalism. Exploring different topics. Inspired by her giving back, helping others, and becoming spiritual. I would love to work with her and I admire her.
I do admire both my mom and dad. 
What would be one cause that you would like to give back towards.
Children, those that have few opportunities, more like street kids in India/Latin America. I am on a foundation Board that is more academic. I would get involved in the US first. With my friend, I started building school houses with benches and shelter in Tanzania, India, and Guatemala under the name A School Bell Rings. Challenge was to get people on the ground to work with, in different countries.

Her Achievements


What are the best skills that you bring to your job?
Interpersonal skills and giving attention to individual students. Being a Mentor without being a Mentor. Being the example that people want to follow - role modeling
Always looking for creative ways to get around obstacles is my biggest strength.
How do you think your team will describe you?
Inspirational, positive. Never say no attitude. Working around challenges and limitations to make things happen. I love working with a group of students as a team. I love energizing them.
My most coveted award is from Emory University for being chosen as the one and only distinguished undergraduate teacher. I felt valuable, felt like I had made a difference. It is given for a continual record of outstanding teaching, fostering participation, inquiry, and creative expression in the classroom, Retaining  a continual record of outstanding accomplishment and ongoing commitment to teaching, and making significant contributions that impact and advance the university through teaching.

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