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Find Inner Remarkability

Think about what makes something interesting, surprising or novel. Can this idea of remarkability be applied to anything as per Jonah Berger?

A simple blender became remarkable by churning golf balls to dust. Who would have thought of the idea to do something so radically different with a blender.

Paypal app makes my social life so easy. We can go out and meet friends and never have to worry about borrowing money if you forgot your wallet. No need to mail checks or wait to meet and get your money back. Go home , login and pay.

Uber has changed people's life. Taking care of parents has become easier since they are now independent and still safe. Traveling to different states or even countries is fun since you have you friendly Uber or Lyft driver.

Nest makes coming back home in winters a warm welcoming thought.

Can you think of other remarkable apps or devices?

Conept of "Remarkability" Sourced from Contagious By Jonah Berger

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