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Referrals for Physicians.

I am a doctor, a physician. Patients come to me by word of mouth. I don’t need to do any marketing.

Think about when patient has to make the call for an appointment. They pick their smart phone, look at the number on paper from a friend or family physician and dial it. Ideal scenario for your business ! That happens only sometimes. Most of times people are searching for your practice online and then they see your website and other physicians website as well. They see interesting articles and posts on social media from your competitors. They have spent 15 minutes reading articles from other websites. Do you still think they will dial your number?

We have worked with healthcare business and have data that shows consistently that every month more than half of their inquiries and phone calls come from people typing in the service. Your patients actually search for “physical therapy” or “dentist near me” or “dermatologist near me” or “physician near me”.

The statistic presents information on sources of brand discovery for Generation Z in the United States as of March 2019. According to the findings, 52 percent of Gen Z respondents discovered new brands through social media, while one percent indicated blogs as their source of brand discovery.

We can argue that physician and healthcare services are not a brand but you know it is. Those physicians and healthcare businesses who have taken the smart step to create a brand for their business are growing tremendously while the rest are going to have to follow in their footsteps or loose their current patients as well. Your patients want to connect with you. Why is it so hard to believe that?

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